Joseph Young

The End of Listening (ReAwakening of a City #5)
 Joseph Young of The Neo-Futurist Collective
 8 – 23th January 2011, Fri-Sun 1-5pm.
Opening event: Fri 7th, 7 – 9 pm with an exclusive performance and artists’ talk.

“Joe Young is one of the most talented and innovative sound artists of our generation.”
Professor Lizbeth Goodman, SMARTlab, UEL.

On 20th April 1914, immediately before the outbreak of the First World War, Futurist artist Luigi Russolothe, premiered a performance of
a revolutionary noise symphony Awakening of a City.  Almost a century later, a group of artists, led by Brighton-based Sound Artist, Joseph
 Young, have come together to respond to the surviving 7 bars of the printed score in a series of ReAwakenings.
In his latest solo work, The End of Listening (ReAwakening of a City #5), Joseph has created an immersive sound installation for iPods,
premiering at the a&e Gallery.

‘My practice explores the role of noise in the built environment; I am particularly interested in how to make use of those visual and aural
 signals that we normally block out or ignore. The end result might be a sound installation, a composition, soundtrack, performance or public
 intervention. In this, my primary influence has been the Futurist Art of Noises manifesto (1913) and the Situationist dérive.’

The sound files will be available online at from January 7th. You are invited to download the work at home and
 then bring along your iPod/iPhone/mp3 player and listen to it in our “auditorium”; or alternatively, you can pick up a pre-loaded iPod at the door
 (limited numbers available).

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